Father’s Day Gift Sets

Posted by on June 12, 2015 in On the farm

Father’s Day Gift Sets

We are offering three customizable gift sets just in time for Father’s Day.

For the sexy lumberjack or plain ol’ hairy flannel lover in your life, we are offering two versions of our lumbersexual (Pine Scotch, Eucalyptus, Cedarwood, and Patchouli) gift set.
Option 1: Babe the Blue Ox $22.50 $18 
It comes with a bar of our very popular lumbersexual soap, a stick of our limited edition black tubed lumbersexual deodorant, and a dram of our lumbersexual beard oil.
Option 2: Paul Bunyan $35.50 $30
Like option one, it has the bar of soap and the deodorant, but instead of a dram you get a 1 oz ounce bottle of the beard oil.

Perfect for the southern gentleman that you all know and love. We are offering two versions of our seersucker gift set.
Option 1: The Churchill Downs $18 $12
This set comes with a bar of our ever popular goat milk soap scented with Clary Sage, Rosemary, and Sweet Orange A.K.A. Seersucker. It also comes with a tube of Rosemary chapstick and a dram of our seersucker scented beard oil.
Option 2: The Atticus Finch $31 $25
This gift set comes with a bar of our seersucker soap, rosemary chapstick, and a 1 oz bottle of the seersucker beard oil.

Set 3: The SAMPLER
This is great for the father-in-law or estranged brother in your life. Show them you care with a gift set full of options!
It comes with a dram sampler which is comprised of five of our beard oils (Lumbersexual, Seersucker, Lavender, Business Time, and Sherlock) and the choice of one, two, or three of our bars of soap in any scent you would like.
Option 1: Trickle $33 $30
Dram sampler and a bar of soap.
Option 2: Downpour $41 $35
Dram sampler and two bars of soap.
Option 3: CATS & DOGS! $49 $40
Dram sampler and three bars of soap.

Add a muslin gift bag for $1 or a burlap gift bag for $2!

Add a bar of soap to any gift set for $5!

Our prices won’t be this low again for a very long time so come on down to Atherton Mill and Market and NoDa Farmer’s Market this Saturday to pick up your gift sets before we run out! Pre-order available for pick up next weekend.