Clinical Nutrition

Let food be your guide. 

Simple solutions tailored to fit your lifestyle.

A practicing functional herbalist for the past 4+ years, Laura Denyes recently earned a Master’s Degree in Clinical Nutrition from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, c/o 2022.

Laura helps set realistic achievable goals tailored to individual lifestyle to support successful steps in realizing wellness goals. Client collaborative care with a commitment to evidence-based practices that promote accessible results with sustainable change.

Native to Virginia, Laura is a Functional Herbalist and Clinical Nutritionist. As a former land steward to 140 acres, Laura embraces natural medicines with a gentle, sustainable approach where food and lifestyle intersect to naturally support a healthier body. 

As an empath, Laura is sensitive to our gentle natures, particularly those with varying intensities. She offers healing alternatives with gentle medicines, peer-reviewed research, natural supplements, and identifying ways to create new routines in daily life, including prioritizing self care. Life is a practice. Create room for yourself.

FREE CONSULTATION— 15 mins via phone, FREE!

A discovery session is meant to briefly discuss your health concerns and answer any questions you may have prior to becoming a new patient. 


Schedule in person or over the phone. This visit is designed to tackle any and all health concerns. We will discuss all details, perform a Nutrition Focused Physical Exam, review supplements, medications, labs, and discuss goals for your treatment plan.


Virtual or phone sessions available, in person local to greater Roanoke and Galax, VA areas. During this time we initially discuss your wellness plan, review progress, and/or adjust your wellness plan to optimize your success.

GROWTH MEMBERSHIP (valid for 6 months) ~ $500

Five 30 minute Wellness Journey Follow Up Visits 

This support can accommodate more frequent shorter visits or a combination to suit your wellness goals for the same rate.

– 10% Discount Online Apothecary FullScript

– 10% Discount on Specialty Labs

– 10% Discount on Custom Herbal Formulas

Sliding scale and payment plans are available if needed. Do not let cost be a barrier to your health!

If you are interested in being considered as a client, please email Laura Denyes at for forms and please include your top 3 health goals, along with a phone number. Scheduling is available through my healthcare platform. You will be contacted with additional forms to complete.

Telehealth is available for all appointments. In person appointments will be considered on a case by case basis in the Roanoke and Galax areas of Virginia.

Additional questions… If the software is not accessible to you, feel free to call to schedule a free 15 minute consultation. (804) 868-9899. I look forward to working with you!