Introduction to our farm

Posted by on March 10, 2010 in On the farm

We are a photographer and naturopathic medical student duo trying our hands at urban farming. Our goal: is to live sustainably, share our experience and bounty with our community.

We currently live in a small historic district in central Phoenix. Our footprint is less than 1/6th of an acre shared with 3 dogs, 2 cats, 1 Nigerian Dwarf, several chickens, and 1 lame duck Loli.

We currently have 20 chicks which we decided to offer sponsorship from our community…we were surprised at the response from friends, family, and children!

It has been enjoyable to receive handmade letters from the kids who have sponsored baby chicks. We sit and read the letters to the corresponding chick, document with a picture and send a chick made letter back to the child…

Another thing that I’ve been on the prowl for is finding a sire for our goat Daisy. It has been an obsession of mine for over a month and I am eager to start getting milk in the upcoming months (that is once we get her pregnant).
We’ve looked up recipes for goat milk fudge, soap, butter, and of course cheese!

As we develop our urban homestead we hope to keep our followers informed of our hopes, dreams, successes, trials, and tribulations.

Happy Reading!

Dave and Laura