ROOTed in Health

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ROOTed in Health
ROOTed in Health, The DISH on UNDERGROUND Veggies
11:00 am Thursday, February 28th
Local Roots, 1314 Grandin Rd SW, Roanoke, VA 24015

Join the new natural Doc in town for a family style lunch at 11:00 am Thursday, February 28th. Enjoy a savory meal of these hardy veggies prepared in traditional Local Roots fashion by Chef Matt Lintz, as Dr. Dave dishes on root resilience, nourishment from the dark, and why roots are a staple on every menu.
Dr. Dave Hamilton is a Virginia native and Naturopathic Physician celebrating a return to his own roots with a newly opened wellness clinic, Of The Earth Wellness, in downtown Roanoke, VA on Market Street.

The Menu:

~ Fresh green salad with shaved carrot, winter radish, green tomato, crispy barley
~ Roasted butternut squash
with smoked apple, toasted pecan, feta, and fennel
~ Sorghum-glazed beets with benne seed
~ Braised winter greens with cider vinegar

Health starts with what you eat!

Local Roots has generously offered a three course meal served family style for $25. Meal will be in keeping with the theme of our discussion and in Local Roots tradition, sourced locally and in season. As a courtesy to the chef, please pre-register!
This event is eligible for a punch on your Lunch Card Passes.
Bring ’em if you’ve got ’em!
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