Warm your bones… JAN 17

Posted by on January 8, 2016 in Classes & Events, On the farm

Warm your bones… JAN 17


Warm your bones… Join Dr. Dave to learn how to make bone broth and why this age old tradition is regaining popularity. Sample farm raised broths, stocks and soups prepared by Dani Rowland, Culinarian and owner of Rowland’s Row Farm.

This is the first Savory Sunday event of the year where we take an inviting look at our culinary heritage and invite you to bring your inquisitive palates for a new tradition in health…

What do you get when you combine Bountiful Bone Broth and Laughter Yoga?   —   Laughing Stock!!! Special guest, Howard the Laughter Master will have us all laughing HAsterically during a closing Laughing Stock Yoga session. What does that mean? Come find out!

This will be an afternoon you won’t want to miss.

3PM-5PM Sunday January 17th at Heirloom restaurant, 8470 Bellhaven Blvd., Charlotte, NC 28216.

$25 seats for the Bountiful Bone broth event include tastings, education, recipes and a set of bones to take home for your own batch of bone broth.**

BRING a FRIEND for $10!

Additional Rowland’s Row organic bones** and Heirloom’s organic broths will be available for purchase!
















**Rowland’s Row Family Farm’s organic chicken bones are in limited supply and are available on a first come, first served basis. Will substitute with prepared bone broth in the event that we run out. Sign up today!!