Goats taking over the airwaves!

Posted by on May 13, 2015 in On the farm

Goats taking over the airwaves!

We woke up unfashionably early on a wednesday last week to run down to the barn, get Chives and Carrot in the back of Laura’s subaru, and drive our way to the local Fox news station. We had no coffee or food in our bellies, but we had a determination no man or beast could take away from us.

Once we got there, we unloaded the goat fellas and then…just stood around for forty minutes. Joey Hewell and Scott Lindsley of Linwell Farms gave us delicious biscuits and not so delicious Fox news coffee and then picked Laura’s brain for various goat facts that would enable them to succeed in their weekly news spot; The Dirt. They go on once a week and talk about various facets to farming, gardening, brewing, etc. Once 8 am rolled around, we were ushered along with the goats and the guys into the newsroom.

Once inside, the goats got their glamour on and worked the camera like it was no one’s business. The guys did great too. They were extremely professional and were able to steer the course of the conversation so that the correct information was given. Carrot was coy and was nestled up to Scott the entire time, while Chives pooped and strutted his stuff. In the end, it was a pretty fun spot and was hopefully informative enough that people now know about the new farmer’s market in NoDa and that goats do not make the traditional goat noise on command.

Check out the video of Chives and Carrot working the camera here!