Swimming chicken?!

Posted by on May 27, 2011 in Chickens

Woke up this morning to Boomer bleating out around 6:15am, a bit earlier than usual.  So I put on some clothes an slipped on some shoes to see what the ruckus was about.  I figured she was letting us know that she was hungry but to my surprise she was trying to let us know that there was a chicken in the water trough and that this was unacceptable!

Poor Sterling was floating and shivering the the water.  We have no idea how long she was floating out there but we do know that she was water logged and and she was EXHAUSTED…this was a semi-emergency situation.  We brought her in toweled and used a blow dryer to get her warm.

Now she was hanging out in our southeast facing bathroom (the warmest room in the house) with a heating pad to get her temperature back to normal.  As we were drying her off we noticed she was “hiccuping” and had some water come up.  Keeping a close eye on her today to make sure it doesn’t progress into pneumonia and I will be grabbing some antibiotics from work just in case.

We also gave her a little maple syrup to get her glucose stores back up, as she probably used them all up during her struggle.

When we speak out to her she looks up and blinks at us…I think she is going to be okay.

More info will be posted on chicken anatomy and what to do in these situations.

Here’s to hope!

I will say this she looked mighty funny all soaking wet!