Daisy the Fugitive…

Posted by on March 12, 2010 in On the farm

Well a couple nights ago I arrived home to find Daisy our goat in the house. Not a big deal by any means because we used to let her in the house to watch a movie with us on the couch. But tonight was different our herding pup Drover was in his kennel and couldn’t get Daisy out of the house. Daisy saw this and being smart goat decided to take full liberties in the house. She decided to help herself to the fruit bowl in the kitchen eating 3 or 4 pears and some cat food.

She also decided to live large and take a nap on the bed and of course leaving a small mess of “alfalfa pebbles” on the sheets…what a mess!

As I walked in the house the and let Drover out Daisy made a B-line for the doggy door to get to her pen…well her pen was still latched so she inadvertently showed me how she escaped!

She had dug out a hole where I had filled in from taking out an old bush…she slide right underneath the fence with easy like a mouse under a door…I was impressed!
I blocked her exit and that seemed to put a stop to her escapes for now…