2pm November 5 – Goat Milk Soap Workshop

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2pm November 5 – Goat Milk Soap Workshop

Next class date – 2pm Saturday November 5th. Register here.

This is a production based workshop focused on the cold process method of hand crafting small batches of soap with raw goat milk.

Restock your supply or start “stocking” up for handmade gifts. Hand crafted soaps benefit from longer cure times.

Workshops will run through the first week of December.
Contact us to set a date for your private party. 3 batch minimum. Allow 2 hrs for the workshop and 2-3 weeks for soap cure time! Less for certain soap scents. Soap makers are responsible for soap pick-up.**

Pre-registration is required!

A) WORKSHOP Half Batch of soap – $45. (Most popular!)
Learn the cold process method of hand crafting soap. Heat oils, manage lye, stir in essential oils and pour the bath into molds. Take home a half batch (5 bars) of soap from the farm shop.

B) WORKSHOP Full Batch – $70. Customize your soap with a unique blend of essential oils. Make a full batch (10 bars of soap!). Make a scent we need in stock and hand pick 10 bars to take home from the dozens of hand crafted soaps in house. OR Create your own custom batch of soap, choose your own scent.*

*Additional soap is available for purchase.
*Plan to pick-up custom soap blends 2-3 weeks after workshop.

Organize a small group for a private party.

C) PRIVATE SESSION – $250. Four batches of soap. Bring your friends for a soap party (4 recommended, max 6 to a group). This is the most soap and the most fun option. Customize your soap scents and swap with your friends for more variety in the soaps you bring home. Additional time slots are available for this option. By appointment.

CUSTOM ORDERS AVAILABLE FOR BIRTHDAYS, ANNIVERSARIES, CELEBRATIONS and HOLIDAYS. Choose your scent. I’ll make it for you. Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery, longer if ordered after November 15, 2016.
Half batch minimum – $45
Full batch – $70

**Any soap not picked up within 90 days will be considered a donation to the farm shop. Thank you!