Local Farm needs your help…

Posted by on September 1, 2016 in On the farm

Local Farm needs your help…


**UPDATE from the Parker family,

“We are totally overwhelmed and so very grateful for all of you giving to our farm. We are so touched by the kind words and prayers and encouragement you offered us. We are not out of the woods yet. We have been given a 90 day reprieve to pay off the loan and at this point there is no possible way but there is God’s way. When we put up the GoFundMe page we thought the bank would work with us if we were able to give them a large payment and give us more time. But the bank refuses to accept anything but the full amount in 90 days. We have been blessed to be working with Zach Wyatt, the Executive Director and Founder of Carolina Farm Trust, to help raise money for a pasteurizer but because our situation now is dire they have decided to raise the money to pay off the note with our bank and purchase the land and then lease it back to us to continue to farm and to offer a place farmers and aspiring farmers can come for assistance. This will be done through fundraisers and donations that are tax deductible since they are a 501c3 nonprofit. No amount donated is too small. Donations should go through their website www.carolinafarmtrust.org. We need to raise the full funds by December 1st to give us time to deal with the bank. There are no words to express how we feel about the support we received even from people we do not know. Its a very humbling experience. Its also nice to see there are still people that want farmland to be kept farmland. Thank you and God bless you all.”


Original message:

We live on what’s left of an old dairy farm… the last 5 acres with the old pole barn. Every bit of land around us once held pastures for grazing, fields for hay, and acres of produce… and now houses new development, neighborhoods, an outlet mall and shopping. Our small homestead is a nod to this history of the place. Family farms are increasingly a thing of the past. Help us keep this one alive as long as we can. Children may soon only know of family farms from storybooks.


We are now offering a neighborhood pick up for folks who have trouble getting out to the local farmers markets and want to support local food. This farm needs our help. In the words of Richard Parker of Mary L Farm,

“We are a small 4th generation family farm in Rowan County, NC. Tomorrow we have to go to court to be ordered to hand our farm over to the bank. We have had such trying times since we sunk money into updating our farm buildings and equipment. The milk price we receive is controlled by the mega food giants and we have no say so in what it is anytime. Our pay price shrunk and we had to declare bankruptcy and we are behind in our payments .

marylfarm-7079We have been in the process of starting a cheese operation and milk bottling on our farm. We do not have any cash flow so this is tough going. We have our cheese equipment due to a grant we qualified for, they paid half and we paid the rest. We still need our pasteurization equipment for the bottling. We are at a standstill due
to financial constraints. The bank is calling our loan tomorrow. We have no way out.

This farm has been in our family for going on 5 generations. Our goal is to keep the farm fluid for our kids to continue farming. We love this old place. It is our home and livelihood. It is home to our dairy cows, chickens, turkeys, and our future. It is a beautiful and peaceful place that was obtained by the sweat of our family’s brow.”

For folks who don’t know where to go to find locally sourced meats, this family farm sells organic local meat and eggs at Atherton Market on South Boulevard Saturdays from 9am-2pm. For our neighbors who want to support but can’t make it Saturday to the market, we are opening our farm for pick-ups to help them reach the community during their time of need. Please contact us for a pre-order and to schedule your pick-up. We will remain a pick-up for their goods as long as they need our help and you want to support.