LAST WEEK AT THE FARM – All About Saponification

Posted by on November 8, 2015 in On the farm

LAST WEEK AT THE FARM – All About Saponification


Do YOU want your hands to smell delightful, all the time?! Do you want to learn about that weird chemical that burns the guy’s hand in the movie Fight Club?! Do you like learning new things?! Sign up for a goat milk soap making class with Laura! 

I brought a group of my coworkers to learn about making “Real” soap. While parts of her recipe are simple (i.e. mixing oils and pouring concoctions), other parts can be potentially volatile if you are inexperienced. Laura was great answering all our questions about cold process soap making.


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At the very end when the fats and lye initially saponify, we poured our soap into molds to cure. Once the soaps are fully cured, we will get to divide all the soap we made amongst ourselves – an awesome deal for the amount of soap you get to go home with! I know my family and friends are excited that I’m bringing homemade lavender soaps at Christmas. My coworkers all had a blast, so much so that I’m bringing another group of coworkers next week to make another batch of soap!!

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At the very end of our visit to the farm, we got to go visit the goats and their protector Auryn.

For more information about Laura’s soap classes, click here!