CLASS: Pickleville Workshop

Posted by on September 1, 2015 in Classes & Events, On the farm

CLASS: Pickleville Workshop

Pickling Workshop 3pm THIS Saturday, SEPT 26th

Fermented Pickles, Kimchi, Vinegar based pickled veggies, Other foods, Science of pickling, Music of pickling AND the ultimate first edition, first attempt at the first draft of Pickleman’s new booklet “From the Bubbie’s”. Pickleville Pickles, this Saturday! You’ve heard the news, he’s outta here and he’s driving his sweet pickle bus to Texas. For those of you coveting the last few spicy garlic spears… good news. We are hosting a class for Bill Averbach at Wish We Had Acres farm before he leaves. SOUR DAY Saturday send off – September 26th at 3pm! Don’t leave YOUR house in a pickle…

“The one and only Pickleville pickling workshop is next Saturday at Wish We Had Acres. I will cover a little about the science behind making the stuff (fermented and vinegar based) and we will make some pickled things including Dill Pickles, KimChi, Pickled Veggies, and more. You will leave with some picklpickleville3ed things and a recipe booklet and the good feeling that you were able to wrangle some of my secrets out of me, the guy who never actually told you anything all the way. haha!
So please come on out to this and be part of the Pickleville Final Experience (for now, cause you never know what tomorrow will bring).”


September 26th – 3 PM – Wish We Had Acres Farm
10715 Shopton Rd W Charlotte, NC 28278