Remedy of the Season: Allerg-Ease

Posted by on May 11, 2015 in Herbal Medicine, On the farm

Remedy of the Season: Allerg-Ease
If you love spring, but battle discomfort from seasonal allergies, let us help you breathe easier. Stop cursing those May flowers and plant the seed of health. 
To alleviate itchy watery eyes, runny nose, congestion, sneezing fits, and dry hacking coughs come pick up the remedy of the season. Allerg-Ease is the all natural choice from Dr. Dave’s botanical apothecary. Below is a brief description of all the herbs in Dr. Dave’s proprietary formula for seasonal allergies.
Allerg-Ease is available for purchase by appointment six days a week at Atherton Mill and Market and on Saturday at both Atherton and NoDa Farmer’s Market. Call (623) 283-Heal (4325) to make your appointment today!

Allergease Formula

Anemopsis californica– Reduces inflammation of mucous membranes
Urtica dioica– Natural antihistamine, reduces inflammation systemically
Curcuma longa– Anti-inflammatory
Euphrasia officinalis– Reduce itchy and inflamed eyes
Sambucus Cerulea flower– Boosts the immune system, great source of B vitamins
Scutellaria baicalensis– Reduce congestion and itchy watery eyes
Usnea spp.– Reduces inflammation of mucous membranes (eyes, gut, lungs)
Rosa spp.– Improves the immune system, soothes the respiratory mucous membranes, great source of vitamin C
Physalis peruviana– Rich in vitamins A, C and B’s wonderful anti-oxidant properties
Piper nigrum– Activates curcuma long (turmeric) natural antioxidant and pain reliever
Phytolacca americana– Moves lymph and blood, promotes drainage, reduces inflamed lymph nodes
Astragalus membranaceus– Promotes a healthy immune system
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