WFAE (NPR) 90.7 Urban Homesteading

Posted by on January 9, 2015 in On the farm

WFAE (NPR) 90.7 Urban Homesteading

CltTalksLogo_right_greenAmong the several definitions for “urban homesteading” are the practice of urban agriculture or sustainable living techniques. These sorts of things have been around for centuries but interest in them has grown exponentially of late. People are raising chickens in their urban backyards and cultivating herb and other gardens on high rise roofs and balconies. So what’s going on? How do you start and how much work does it take to keep it up?

Listen to the January 9th Panel Discussion


Matt Kokenes – Founder, MicroFarm Organic Gardens

Laura Denyes – co-owner, Wish We Had Acres Farm

Dr. Dave Hamilton – co-owner, Wish We Had Acres Farm; Naturopathic Doctor,Carolinas Natural Health in Matthews

Erik Knutzen – author, blogger and podcaster, The Urban Homestead, Making It: Radical Home Economics for a Post-Consumer World and Root Simple; co-founder,Los Angeles Bread Bakers


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