Just keep going

Posted by on October 14, 2014 in Coffee Corner, Herbal Medicine, On the farm

Just keep going

That was IS the motto. Just keep going. No matter what.  Whether I had french fries for breakfast, I had not worked out for a week, something hurt or ached. I just kept going.

That photo is a seven year difference. Yes, seven years.  Its still hard for me to believe.  Sometimes, I get scared that I will step back and wake up at that weight again.

Other days, its not something to worry about.   It was not something where I woke up one day and said “damn Im fat. lets go to the gym and loose weight.”   It was a long progress, of tears, sweat, belly aching, more tears, wanting to dive into pints of Ben & Jerry’s…. oh and more tears.

There were a few moments, were I couldnt fit into any pants, or someone at work asked if I was pregnant (when I was not- lets talk about mortifying.)  Still these were just a few moments.  The ah-ha came later.  I tried jazz-ercise, did hot yoga… Some weight had come off… but a lot still lingered.

Remember when Biggest loser first came on? And these people were on television working their every bit of muscle to loose weight? And Jillian Michaels’ would scream “Your gonna keep going!”  I would cry, serious tears for these people. And myself.  How awesome is it, that these people would go on to television in biking shorts and sports bras. AMAZING.    This was the point where I was probably my heaviest, didnt fit into pants or clothes I wanted. Always sick and tired. SICK. and Tired. Of not feeling well, of low self-esteem.  I just wanted to feel better. Period.

My ex and I had joined the gym. We joined the “biggest loser,” at the gym.  If you know me, I hate mornings. Might as well 5 am. Yup. he would yell at me to get out of bed and go to the gym.  The trainer gave me a good talking to about “no french fries for breakfast, Liz.”  (I KNOW, whats wrong with french fries for breakfast?)  The weight came off slowly. VERY slowly…or so it seemed.   Katie, our trainer… still to this day, I could not thank her enough. And my ex. for getting me up at 5am in the morning.  Although, he says this weight loss was all me.  There are so many people that played a part in being on my cheer squad.  Friends that break boards in half, or swing on silks from trees,  friends that run, hike and climb with their kids,  friends who run with me or go to that crazy gym class.  My parents who swim for an hour 3-4 times a week.  They have all had an impact.  Little do they know how significant it really is.

I never thought I would enjoy running.  You  know in high school, when you have to run the mile in less than 14 minutes?  I was that kid huffing and puffing towards that 14 minute mark. Today, I dont care if it’s a 12, 14, or 16 minute mile.  The point is that I get out there.  And JUST KEEP GOING.  We joke, my friends and I… that we run like turtles through peanut butter.  Who cares? The fact is, we are healthier than we were. And have a grand time.  We enjoy the huffing and puffing, the hot or cold weather on our faces,  the sweat of salt on our skin, the shin splints, strains and feet problems.   These minor things do not compare to how we feel when we accomplish a run.

It didnt happen over night. It took a long time. Perserverance. JUST KEEP GOING.   I never thought I could loose the weight. It seemed a dream in a far off world… Its totally doable.  It started with small things; like loose the french fries for breakfast and eat a few more eggs.  No matter what?

Just keep going. IMG_4515