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My sister just brought name calling to a whole new level… she heard a new term recently and was determined that this was the perfect way to identify what it IS that Dave and I DO. She could not remember the word and I sat on the phone with her for at least 5 mintues while she tried to Google similar words to draw it out. Finally she had to let me go as it was going to bother her until she figured it out. So she called back nearly half an hour later with the report… We are “rewilders” and we practice “rewilding”, she tells me. I, of course, laugh and clap my hands as she describes why it is that we are… Not sure if it’s a sure fit and couldn’t help but love it.


From Wikipedia

Rewilding means to return to a more wild or natural state; it is the process of un-doing domestication.[1][2] The term originates in conservation biology in which “rewilding” stands for the re-introduction of keystone species into areas where such species appear locally extinct[citation needed]. Rewilding in the anarchist context applies this concept to initiating and regenerating human culture that embodies the role of a keystone species[citation needed].

In green anarchism and anarcho-primitivism, humans are believed to be “civilized” or “domesticated” by industrial and agricultural progress. Supporters of such human rewilding argue that through the process of domestication, human wildness has been altered by force.[3]

Rewilding is about overcoming human domestication and returning to behavior inherent in human wildness. Though often associated with primitive skills and learning knowledge of wild plants and animals, it emphasizes the development of the senses and fostering deepening personal relationships with members of other species and the natural world.[citation needed] Rewilding intends to create permanently wild human cultures beyond domestication.[4]

Rewilding is considered a holistic approach to living, as opposed to skills, practices or a specific set of knowledge[citation needed].”