Hi and welcome

Posted by on October 3, 2014 in Coffee Corner, Herbal Medicine

Hi and welcome

Where to begin?  Hi Im Liz.  Friend of Laura’s for over 12-13 years (Hey whose counting?)

Laura and I studied photography at VCU (Virginia Commonwealth University) Go RAMS!  Once out of school we remained friends over the years.  Dr Dave, (who is my favorite doc!) These two have always looked out for me; What can I say, true friends stay in your life.

They have taught me so much about food,health, animals and love. #nojoke

I love sampling their soaps, tinctures,lotions and such. Awesome products (more postings about them in the future!)  Everything has such a great scent. All made with lots of love and care.

After chatting with Laura about starting a blog, she said “just blog for us, you can have your own corner.”

So here I am.  I hope you stick around and get to see my adventures through this crazy world.

about liz:

~grateful for family and friends that love me

~ coffee- yes, please

~food- anything tasty and fresh we can find to cook. If you are cooking? Ill be there.

~two loveable kitties live with me.

~I lost about 100 lbs. (yup, no joke) My health is numero uno. Lets live a long and healthy life.

~photography~ its my life.  (no, really- Im kinda like a super hero in the camera world. lol.)

~Laugh, laugh and laugh some more. You know when you meet me. That laugh!

~Instagram. so addicting.