Herbal Medicine Making Class

Posted by on June 5, 2013 in Classes & Events, Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine Making Class

To those who have stopped in to see what we are up to.  I am teaching an herbal medicine making class next week called “From Weeds to Remedies Class Part I: Tinctures, Glycerites, and Teas” at the Valley Permaculture Alliance office Thursday 6/13 at 630pm)  on how to turn some of our most common weeds in to herbal goodness!  Not only will you learn how to make medicine you will get to take some home with you as well!

So come prepared to have your mind blown! Experience the power of nature; the energy and power plants can offer.  Learn to how to identify some common plants and what parts to use for medicine. Sign up here!

The part II of this class is an herbal oils and salves class.  Last week at Root Phoenix we had an excellent turn out.  We all made a lavender, rosemary, ginger salve.  Wonderful for those areas where the skin has been broken.  It also smells wonderful!

I must say last weeks participants were fantastic! They assisted in the preparation of the plants, oils, beeswax. Everyone had their hands busy.  The room smelled of chaparral, rosemary and mugwort.

They had tons of great questions; some of which I will be adding into the next class!

So stay in touch to see when our next course will be!Tinctures and Glycerites





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