Posted by on May 31, 2011 in Goats, On the farm

This week we began milking Boomer…separating her kids from her at night for about 12hrs.  About 5:30a she begins calling out to us saying “Hey WAKE UP, I’m HONGRY and so are my BABIES and I am gonna be annoying until you wake up!”  This is Boomer’s very loud opinion…did we say she is also known as Oprah?!  😉 Boomer surprised us all when we milked her officially for the first time…she produced just over 1.25lbs of milk this was about an 8hr or 9hr with hold from the kids.  That was AWESOME…or so we thought…this morning day numero dos she was kept from the kids for 12hrs overnight and her milk weighed in at 1.85lbs!!! For those of you who would like the pounds translation into fluid measurement equivalents…2lbs of milk is approx. 1qt or 32oz of milk. So in reference to those numbers Boomer is doing amazing!

As the babies are rehomed and begin the process of weaning, we will start milking twice a day and at her peak we are hoping to get at least 1.5qts to 2qts per day.  We are pretty excited to see how her udders develop over the next few months and even more excited to see how Clarice’s udders will develop once she is old enough to kid.

These pictures are from this mornings milking…she has great front attachment and nice smooth supple dairy skin, her teats are slowly elongating as her kids continue to suckle.  (takes me about 7mins to milk her dry)

Anyone who wants to come on down we could always use some “farmhand” work in trade for playing with some baby goats 😉