New Kids on the Block!

Posted by on October 4, 2010 in On the farm

So it’s been awhile since we posted last! Lots of things going on on the farm…

Some sad notes we lost 5 of our laying hens to a neighbor’s dog who plucked our chickens right of the fence while they were peacefully roosting for the night. At first we thought it was a stray dog but the following week we saw the dog in the alley again and I watched run off back into a neighbor’s yard and into the house and we said AHHA! So we talked to the neighbor and told him of the damages and he said how do you know it was my dog? I did not make a huge deal due the delay in finding out it was his dog but did let him know that if it were to happen again he’d be responsible for replacing any dead birds. He agreed and I went ahead and put up a 4 foot poultry fence extension to my existing fence to prevent any birds from roosting at night….but after the incident the birds didn’t want to roost there anyways.

On a happier note…our lil’ Daisy kidded on October 1st sometime between the hours of 2pm and 9pm. She gave birth all by herself with no complications to 2 lil’ boys! One of which has blue eyes! We were not expecting them at all we thought she had well missed her first due date and we were expecting them sometime in mid-October…nope we were wrong she was about 3-4 days off her original due date…thankfully we expanded and reinforced the existing pen/chicken coop all with salvaged materials (can we say thank you craigslist…)

Laura and I named them Knickers and Trousers. They are super friendly and of course adorable, curious as ever, listening to mom, and found mom’s udder with no problems.

Daisy has become quite the mother, very protective but has no problem with allowing us to pick them up and coddle them. As the weeks go by we will be dehorning them, vaccinating them, deciding if we are going to keep one or both of them, neuter them, and of course register them.

In about 2 weeks we will start to milk Daisy and be trying our hands at making cheese, yogurt, sour cream, butter, and soap. Hopefully, it will become second nature.

Our fall garden is prepped and ready to be planted as well!

We will be adding pictures very soon!

Thanks for reading about our trials and tribulations on our Urban Farm!