Whewww! A lot has gone down here at the farm!

Posted by on August 6, 2010 in On the farm

Well I’ll tell ya the a lot has gone down here at the farm over the past few months…some good some bad…

Some bad news first…due to a stray dog in the neighborhood we lost 5 of our lovely chickens, one rooster and four hens, their bodies have been added to our garden and we will be nourished by them in an alternate way.

On a somewhat happier note, a few of our chicks which became roosters were sold to the local feed store…otherwise our neighbors might kill us! 🙂

On the happiest note! Our Miss Daisy was bred to Waggs who is part of a local herd! (His picture is posted in our previous blog). Daisy is due sometime at the end of August or Early to mid-September!! We are super excited to see what she has in store for us in that ever growing HUGE belly of hers.

Laura felt her babies kicking around inside while she was feeding Miss Daisy carrots…must be happy little things!

We are currently taking bets on how many babies she will have…the range is from 1-6 with 2 to 3 as very common phenomenon.

To replace the dwindling numbers of the flock we purchased 4 little mixed pullets today from a local on craigslist. They are super adorable and pictures will be up shortly. These little ones pal around with each other but also have been brave and have been hanging with the big girls…very independent. One of our Featherfooted Light Brahmas has taken upon herself has stepmom…she follows them around making sure no one messes with them…making sure they don’t eat something they are not supposed to eat. Very very adorable.

Anyways…that’s the quick and dirty about what’s been going around Storybook Farm!

More to come soon as I just finished my step 1 medical board exam and now I have 2 months off yay!